Beta Launch

Posted by: Nguyen   |   10 Jul 2017

Just went through the beta launch, and we have 103 orders/customers so far. It was great fun working on this from the ground up. From here on out I am going to tweak the product some more and find more people who will be a good fit for Source. I'm also potentially thinking of doing a Process Masterclass and Source bundle, but I'll play it by ear for now.  

Huge behind the scenes post on Verse

Posted by: Nguyen   |   30 Jun 2017

I just added a huge behind the scenes walkthrough on Verse. You can check it out here. I’m currently working on the Design source files page. Adding all the content in and playing around with some CSS. Will do a write up about it so watch this space. 

Current activity – project update

Posted by: Nguyen   |   29 Jun 2017


Just promoted Source to my Dribbble page. Dribbble is one of my favourite marketing channels, as the people using the site and my followers are the perfect niche for the products that I create. They say to have a successful product – first build a great product but also go and find where your key customers are hanging out. Help solve a need that they have, create a great user experience and you'll have traction. Dribbble is perfect as it's predominantly full of product/UI/UX designers, and by chance I’ve built a great following over the last 3.5 years. 

Other activities I'm currently working on:

1. I’m currently designing and building the source design files page. I hope to share what that looks like soon as well as how I approached the design.

2. I have a monster post that I’m writing on Verse that I'll add to here soon. It chronicles how I managed to launch, design and build a product from the ground up.

3. I gotta finalise all the files included with Source. A lot of the files are from Process with a few additional ones such as the living styleguide, Zeplin dev hand off reference and some of my old high profile pitch docs + a few other things. I might rebrand some of these docs for Source and do a white label version down the track too. 

4. A few Process students also pre-ordered Source. My original intention was to offer this for free for students (this will still be the case, but only the first version) however I plan to add a ton more content so students who did preorder or buy Source will receive even more valuable content on top of the base stuff. 

Still got a ton of stuff to do, but I’m excited to be launching this thing and getting it off the ground. Also donated $300 today to WorldVision, I hope to donate bigger throughout the year as profits rise from Process and Source.

Behind the scenes – Launching Source

Posted by: Nguyen   |   27 Jun 2017

Hey thanks so much for stopping by. This is where I will be sharing updates and behind the scenes posts on everything I'm working on, on the lead up to launching Source. Designing, launching and building your own product is hard so I hope to journey the process involved so you can learn from my process. All the things that go right along with all the mistakes I make along the way. I hope to post some vids and live making of type videos on top of the posts I'll write. As of this moment I’ve got 13 days til launch and a shit load to do. I also got a backlog of some content I had for this section. Like product validation, solving a problem and understanding your audience. Anyway stay tuned I hope to post snippets here often 🙂